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On This Day in History - 9th July


1901Barbra Cartland, English novelist
1916Sir Edward Heath, Former Conervative Prime Minister
1935Michael Williams, British actor
1936Richard Wilson, Television actor
1937David Hockney, English painter
1942Richard Roundtree, US television & film actor; TV's 'Shaft'
1947O.J Simpson, American football & film actor
1956Tom Hanks, American Oscar winning actor
1957Kelly McGillis, American film actress


1816Argentina, in South America, declared its independence from Spain
1877The first Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship was held
1938Gas masks were issued to Britain's population in preparation for war
1972The Northern Ireland ceasfire ended, with several people being shot
1978The fomer Prime Minister of Iraq was shot in London
1979The American spacecraft Voyager 2 flew past the planet Jupiter
1982An intruder managed to get into the Queens bedroom at Buckingham Palace
1984The roof of York Minster was destroyed by fire
1986Nigeria and Ghana decided to boycott the Commenwealth Games